Not once or twice have we said or heard that the youths are our next leaders. Maybe you heard it as the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. You also heard that the age batch of youths is between eighteen years to thirty five years.I would also not forget  to remind you that you’ve heard them saying that youths are not the leaders of tomorrow but they are the leaders of today. Today meaning right now.

I would nail the coffin if i said this is what is applied today. Its been contrary to what  our ears have heard or what our mouth uttered. Apparently the age batch of the youths is not seen in the leadership bracket. With leadership bracket i mean that its not easy to see any youth in the top leadership. Leading may not be in a country but also in various companies or maybe industries.

Let me applaud that youths are big minded. Yes they need those leadership slots. Why would a slot of leading revolve around the same human being. With greyed hair, hoarse shaking voice, some cant even hold pens in signing contracts? There are various reasons why youths should be entitled to leadership in a given country.This being;

  • Youths are more receptive to change and have a large stake in creating a strong today tomorrow and future. Youth leadership facilitates positive social change including  structures,policies and procedures that are demand-driven to address the needs of a country.
  • Youth readership in companies and industries increases their knowledge ,practical skills, strengthening their social interest,and nurturing long term commitment in entrepreneurship and creative problem solving methods.
  • Young leaders are good at setting stretch  goals.With this i mean setting goals or objectives and making sure that are met.We can all see how the leaders of today sandbag a goal so that they may not work hard on it or run the risk of falling short.
  • Youths have a high need of achievement and therefore will put every ounce of energy to achieve their goals.In contrast when someone has been in an organization as a leader for so long, it is easy for him or her to became complacent  and to see the status quo as sufficient.

If youth leadership is entitled to different companies,industries, or sectors it would be an advantages because the large number of people in a given country contains the youths. This  gives the country a good set up or foundation of big minds, creative achievements and vast development.



Hello loved ones. I have been away for some time hoping all have been okay. Its Wednesday we be celebrating  Women.Shout out to all ladies out there making a not only their lives but also other peoples lives to be worth a living .

its news when a man bites a dog not when a man is bitten by it…

Its newsworthy when a something unusual happens in today world.Some of this events happens when we neglect human behaviors and standards.Like it would be funny if a politician is found unfaithful and having sex offenses with a young lady.He would be trolled everywhere not remembering how unfaithfulness in marriages is a day to day experience.

Its not news when people visit hotels and get hospitalized because of bad food of feeding in rotten food.But its news when them prominent do the same.They consume improper diet leading to complications and digestion disorders and in a wink of an eye its all over that the prominent are hospitalized over food poisoning?

Its news when he dies over drunkenness and just found in the bar seat.While the rest each and every night and day they die no one even wanting to know what happened to them.Why would that even consider them first because that are their citizens. Don”t their lives matter most as theirs too?They are kind of selfish right?



a bit of selfishness cant hurt

The frowned face you put while saying no cant even be explained.So bad that you cant be looked at twice. With wrinkles all over. You don’t want them to have what you have.You are selfish.You don’t wanna give out. Its not bad being selfish as it is always known you cant have a blueprint of your self.  YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOU.Reasons why you need to be selfish are;

  1. EDWARD ALBERT said that sometimes you have to be selfish so as to become selfless.
  2. Being selfish is the wisest thing you can do so as to have the best version of you.Which means some consisted unabashed self-loving.Which also inspires others to treat themselves better.
  3. To be successful you have to be selfish or else you will never achieve.You have to stay unreachable ,a bit in-touch and isolate a little bit.
  4. Selfish people have high confident an less on giving up.They go foe a certain objective that they want apologetically. Not afraid of falling short. They are risk takers.
  5. Always happy. Who hates happiness? Selfish people spend most of their time doing what they like and what makes them happy.

Putting yourself first is not a negative quality.Its your job to love your self and get what you need.


CaptureOnce in your lifetime you’ve ever had this feeling of an envious resentment on someones possessions,  achievements or perceived advantage.You were jealous. Somehow this word has been known to be a bad  feeling.It shows  lack of happiness in other people upsurge in achievements. Jealousy has been a bad figure to portray. No one sees the advantage of being jealous.It is known to be a sign of insecurity,weakness and obsession. Of which its true.

No one admits that he or she is jealous on anyone. There are some who would give a slight laugh when their friends get an achievement, others will hide their fangs about to spit the venom and give a slow tender pat on their friends back when they achieve something. But they are only pretending.They are jealous.

Desultorily lets talk about advantages of being jealous.


When you swallowed the hard gulp that almost chocked you because of what you felt about your friends achievement, you couldn’t even breath well. You wanted to be like him or her. You needed such a step as him or her.You realized that you needed to be like him. You needed to work hard on something. You revealed you revealed the next progression.


Once you reveal your next progression you realize that there is possibility in doing something. Jealousy is an advantage is realizing the possibility of handling or getting a certain achievement.


Oh yes curiosity killed the cat. You cant help being curious about someones achievements. You have the 3women and 1 husband in your tongue. You are like,WHEN,WHO,WHICH,  and HOW. You cant wait to know how one got to achieve something that seemed impossible. Its out of jealousy that you become curious.


We all know that jealousy is a nail  to a coffin. Its funny saying that being jealous will strengthen our relationships with people. But imagine  the curiosity built after jealousy, one will always be close to the person who had achieved a certain goal and be getting each and every advise given. With time the relationship between the two will be built.


No one  would like to be defeated. Even though we all cant be winners at list when there is competition growth and development is seen. Out of jealous,competition is built where growth and development in different ways is established