advice to advice

color2…..okey life is funny.. You just seated or maybe standing wondering what’s happening in your life. Thinking of how you need a advise.. then your friend comes to you, eyes swollen, lips stuck to each other, and looking different than the usual look he has. And he is like:

I am going through this and that .I can’t even tell you whom I am and I think my end time is near. Please advice me.

Reflecting to your current life, you and him you are in the same road. You can clearly see a road and it’s side there ain’t just no pavements but posters and billboard with your names and current lives that you living written in bold on them. Then you feel shy and look at the ground then you see two pairs of foots steps lagging along each other. A voice tells ‘you look at you two. No one can help you. Not even yourselves. ”

Hurriedly you shrug your shoulders and lifts up your hand and pats your friends back. Telling him it’s okey but in your mind looking for alphabets to bring out a sentence which will grow into a paragraph, resulting into an Advice.

Forgetting you were in the same shoes as your friends you start advising him. Not once or twice have you found yourself doing so.

But I think it’s worth. You don’t wanna trip hence you put the same advice in your own life. Making it an added advantage.


Advice others to advise yourself.


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