Love bits

He came near your friends and you heart skips beats. You look at him and you realize that he is the one. After realizing that he is looking at you you shy. He hugs everyone in your circle and then when he gets comfortable he sighs.

What’s up? The whole gang in your circle asks. This is because he is everyone’s boy. He not only is nice but worth a heart keep. He says.. It’s a no dating life till am 25. “I lost this one.”You feel your inner devilish speak.

It’s true he means his words by the way. You fell like telling him no I am not her I can make sure that by 25 you know… But shhhhhh you can’t do anything.


Love at times is unfair loving and fearing shy to expose it. Loving and hiding it. Fearing to water it and mostly it dies. Feeling kind of, love is untimely. It doesn’t have a proper timing.

It’s at times better to risk and face the reality. Love and tell.

This is love bits


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