Second supreme being to some people

She sits right next to the edge of your bed.”when are you opening school?” She asks in a low tone. You hurriedly tell her next month. This is because it is a one month semester break. She changes her face….

Rent not yet payed and some bills not attended to. You clearly see it’s the end of your education though… And before you get over your thoughts you tell her. “Mum if you feel so much pressured I can defer the semester so that you can get everything on track”.

But she is a strong woman. She looks at you and tell you that it can’t just happen like that. Everything is going to be okey. She is a brave human,suave woman. Does not give up on you. She tells you that whatever she started on you she can’t stop it. She trusts God that it will happen.

She is your mother. Your second supreme being



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