Subway surf win to silted life win

colour‘Good things are just passing me”.You murmur. You can’t even look up so you stand stagnated. Trying to stretch your hand to have a grasp of anything to help you. Too bad its impossible. You realize you are silted.

You feel lonely. Hands to the pocket and you produce your only accompany. The phone. Slight taps and hello the subway game. Your last score was ten thousand points and you want to win again.

So you play it.

Apparently you can’t even recall that you want to win too the current situation that you are in. You are just in the mood on winning the subway surf game last scores.

You play and the game ends with just eight thousands points. You have lost. Terribly lost. It dims to you that you can’t. But hell no you start it again….

With this:

Sometimes in life its better for us to take things we do into action to what we are going through. For example in that subway surf game you always try so hard to get more and more wins. Even when you loose you still play it until you win.

The same should apply in the life we are in. Even if we get so much silted and we feel like its the end its best for us to put more and more effort till we get to where we are destined.

Subway surf win to silted life win


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