Did you know..

colour4that the things of the world never satisfy one’s soul. They only complement you temporarily.

When i was in primary school I always wanted to join KENYA HIGH SCHOOL. So I worked hard but didn’t achieve some good marks. So I joined another school.

I never slumbered over there I had to put more effort so as to join my university of choice. It happened. I joined. I had already known the kind of career I wanted to pursue. It was a dream come true.


I want to do masters. The tread is just pushing me so hard. I don’t I would mind some PhD. And maybe later some doctrine….

You see after one satisfaction we still need more and more. Making our souls not yo be satisfied completely but…

temporarily complimented


One thought on “Did you know..

  1. I also really really really wanted Kenya high. I remember dreaming, telling my parents & friends every day. By the end of primary I didn’t qualify so I went to a different school. Now in my fourth year in university taking actuarial science thinking about what I will pursue for masters and where I will pursue it. ☺


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