Love and not fall in love

Was it an advantage that we couldn’t eat when a little think of them in our minds made us full. We couldn’t hold the looks. Of each other eyes because they were hearts. They loved more than our hearts and minds did.

Yes she was beautiful,a human being worth to be proud of. Its true God that was showing of when creating creating her. And him he was an apple for everyone. They all wanted a bite. Handsome was an underestimate and lovely was just an underrating word to describe him. He was just…

But why? Whey would she make him climb mountains and swim oceans just be in vain. Did she just make a dry grass fire before and now it’s hard for her to stop it? Did she just pin out the grenade and now she was running away from the eruption..

He loved her. But she was now turning down the curtain for him. Was it that he wasn’t best for her? Of course he had every thing, love ,wealth and all women could ask for. But he remembers she said *we can’t be. You just not my type* ….

This happens to most of us when we think that we have already found our life partners,Our soul mates. Not realizing that we fell in love.

We don’t have to fall in love. We have to love. This is to avoid little hurts and exhausts from loving the wrong.


Love but don’t fall in it..


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