Misuse of yolo

YOLO- meaning You Only Live one has drastically been misused. This is particularly by the young people. Apparently the age bracket of the young people that am talking about is between fifteen to thirty years.

With the YOLO thing individual do take their lives how they want because they know you will live once and not twice. Okay its true in this earth you only live once but why put your life in danger or plaster your life with disgusting things that no one wants to look at you twice?

Clothing- African youths have adapted to western culture so much that they cloth in a very an wanting manner. Clothes worn by them can’t even be described. Would you say they are bad? No just say they don’t cloth at all. There is no way you put on a dress that started too early and ended too late.

I mean a dress almost below your breasts and they end right on your thigh’s. That’s so distorting. How will you even walk? I don’t know. Dressing has been one of the most factor that is leading to culture erosion.

Distorting pictures – we have seen the ifikie wazazi (get to parents) thing that went viral. The pictures that were taken by the young people I don’t think our eyes could even hold the sight to them. Some of the pictures can’t even be looked by our parents. Distorting pictures from people even at the age of fifteen. What is that? Is it still YOLO? I think its too much of us. The pictures portrayed a lot. In my mind I thought of how this youths asked for Money from their parents so as to go for the shoots but did not bring pictures.

Then I could see a parent getting a what’s app text from unknown number . ooh its a picture it loads and booom. Its his son or her daughter. She can’t can’t even scream because when neighbors come what will she say? She just silence. Waits for you and when you arrive …….

She actually is ashamed of you and can’t even say a word. You are a disgrace to her. Distorted pictures from us make us lower our respect as youths from our parents. Leaving us with curses from them..

All this is got from misuse of the word YOLO . Instead of this disturbing and distorting images youths portray in the name if living once, its a high time we change and do advantageous things.

Things that will portray a good image of us. Why don’t we curve our names so that whenever our names are mentioned, a thousand of appraisals about us are raised.

Lets do things that would help us and also the society. We don’t have to live once under fun that is helping no one. Just for our own hearts desires.

We need to change. Change is for the better. YOLO would be fun if we did best for us and for others .


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