Youths and inheritance

Its so often that if you knock maybe two houses in your neighbouring and ask about inheritance there won’t be silence.

I met him while running my day to day errands and its true that I had not seen him for days after the demise of his father. His age is approximately twenty three this shows that he should have been completing his university studies. I recall he was a nerd back in highschool as he used to show me some chemistry and mathematics questions.

We walked together conversing of our whereabouts since the day we last talked. That is when he spurt the issues he was going to handle that day. Mum tangu dad akufe amekuwa kazi ni kuuza vitu za home kutoka ng’ombe saii anataka kuuza lori na hizo vitu zinastahili kuwa zangu!(after dad dies mum has been selling our home things from the cows and now he is looking forward to sell my dads lorry)

So I asked him what he was up to with that issue. He told me that he was to go to his Auncle and sort the issue. They were to hide the death certificate making it impossible for her mother to sell anything that belonged to his father.

I was not against the plan but my question was; why is this guy so much interested in his dads property? I told him that her mum might be having a hard time getting ends meet, as before his dad died she was not working because she was just a house wife.

He did not want to hear anything. I also told him maybe the things his mother was selling was from both his dads sweat and the mother too. Abit ironic. That too was just deaf to his ears. I asked him instead of fighting for what your dad has left why don’t you work and get your own? It was then that he had already got to the bus station that he boarded a bus and left me with; tutaongea baadae ( we well talk later)

It ringed to me that youths urge to inherit their parents property with them not working hard to acquire their own is in an upsurge. I take it to be preposterous to do so. After demise of their parents who have worked hard in the previous years to acquire wealth this youths don’t even want to know how to spend the wealth. They only want it.

Some can’t even wait for wills to be written. Slumbering all day and desiring their parents to kick the bucket is their daily prayer.

Youths are needed to have a wake up call. And know the need of owning something. They need to know the hard work,pain, and patient needed to own a thing. They need to know nothing comes on a silver plater. Nothing good comes easy.


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