Settle for less and regret later..get comfortable for little and tear later.

Not once in while have you ever murmured to your self making pouty faces, regretting on a an issue or situation that you settled on that hasn’t been of no help neither been adding value in your life. We have various factors that make us settle less.They include;

1)GETTING COMFORTABLE WHERE ARE NOT MEANT – We oftenly sit and slumber after we get to where we are destined. Most of the times we don’t even know that the destination we are in won’t last even for long. This mostly happen to the young people where that get comfortable in less things that are not meant for them. You ask for one thousand shillings,when given five hundred shillings you settle for that. You shouldn’t get comfortable with that but work to get more five hundred shillings. Avoid getting comfortable to less things.

2)DEGRADING TO UPGRADE OTHERS – N ever degrade yourself to upgrade others. Be it in your esteem be it in your selftl concept. Upgrade your self esteem always and let your self concept be on a higher grade. If your self esteem is on a high grade there will be no time will you find your self comfortable for less. The same happens when you upgrade your self concept. You will never settle for less.

3)LESS OBSESSION ON YOURSELF – You will always find yourself setting for less, if you have less obsession on yourself. You have to have the highest obsession on yourself so as to settle for more. Love whom you are,what you do,and what makes up that whole you. With that you will never settle for less.

4)CHANNELING NEGATIVE VIBES – Who does that? Who channels negative vibes and thinks that he will not regret? Like nothing you do or say is positive in your life? Always Chanel positive vibes all the time and all day. Be positive and don’t let negativity make you to settle for less.

Make sure you don’t get comfortable or settle for less. This is to avoid future regrets and a lot of I wish I knew.

Settle for less regret later. Get comfortable for little and tear later


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