I miss you..

I miss you. Yes you. Remember how small you were before you grew into  the big human being you are now. Before you developed and knew what was right and wrong. I miss the you when you were just innocent. Innocent for the world.

You were dear to everyone. Your cheeks were as soft as cotton and everyone must have smiled while touching them. You were their apple. Can you remember how people were generous to you? Can you?

When you cried people took turns to make you smile. They took turns to carry you singing you lullabies for you to sleep. You were little and so innocent pure and free from heartbreaks….

You never watched your steps before walking and you did not trip. You never watched your words before talking yet you did not offend anyone..

Look at you now. There ain’t no heart break you’ve not come across. If you look back you just miss the past you. The time you even played and talked to stones.

You have now grown to be a big human being. Not innocent but always guilty. Judged by not only your actions but also your words. You don’t just walk or talk like you used to before. Now you need to be keen.

You must look before you step, You must watch your words before speaking, You must taste before giving it out, You must weigh it before….

Because you have grown up. And I miss you. The past you.


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