CaptureOnce in your lifetime you’ve ever had this feeling of an envious resentment on someones possessions,  achievements or perceived advantage.You were jealous. Somehow this word has been known to be a bad  feeling.It shows  lack of happiness in other people upsurge in achievements. Jealousy has been a bad figure to portray. No one sees the advantage of being jealous.It is known to be a sign of insecurity,weakness and obsession. Of which its true.

No one admits that he or she is jealous on anyone. There are some who would give a slight laugh when their friends get an achievement, others will hide their fangs about to spit the venom and give a slow tender pat on their friends back when they achieve something. But they are only pretending.They are jealous.

Desultorily lets talk about advantages of being jealous.


When you swallowed the hard gulp that almost chocked you because of what you felt about your friends achievement, you couldn’t even breath well. You wanted to be like him or her. You needed such a step as him or her.You realized that you needed to be like him. You needed to work hard on something. You revealed you revealed the next progression.


Once you reveal your next progression you realize that there is possibility in doing something. Jealousy is an advantage is realizing the possibility of handling or getting a certain achievement.


Oh yes curiosity killed the cat. You cant help being curious about someones achievements. You have the 3women and 1 husband in your tongue. You are like,WHEN,WHO,WHICH,  and HOW. You cant wait to know how one got to achieve something that seemed impossible. Its out of jealousy that you become curious.


We all know that jealousy is a nail  to a coffin. Its funny saying that being jealous will strengthen our relationships with people. But imagine  the curiosity built after jealousy, one will always be close to the person who had achieved a certain goal and be getting each and every advise given. With time the relationship between the two will be built.


No one  would like to be defeated. Even though we all cant be winners at list when there is competition growth and development is seen. Out of jealous,competition is built where growth and development in different ways is established

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