a bit of selfishness cant hurt

The frowned face you put while saying no cant even be explained.So bad that you cant be looked at twice. With wrinkles all over. You don’t want them to have what you have.You are selfish.You don’t wanna give out. Its not bad being selfish as it is always known you cant have a blueprint of your self.  YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOU.Reasons why you need to be selfish are;

  1. EDWARD ALBERT said that sometimes you have to be selfish so as to become selfless.
  2. Being selfish is the wisest thing you can do so as to have the best version of you.Which means some consisted unabashed self-loving.Which also inspires others to treat themselves better.
  3. To be successful you have to be selfish or else you will never achieve.You have to stay unreachable ,a bit in-touch and isolate a little bit.
  4. Selfish people have high confident an less on giving up.They go foe a certain objective that they want apologetically. Not afraid of falling short. They are risk takers.
  5. Always happy. Who hates happiness? Selfish people spend most of their time doing what they like and what makes them happy.

Putting yourself first is not a negative quality.Its your job to love your self and get what you need.

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