its news when a man bites a dog not when a man is bitten by it…

Its newsworthy when a something unusual happens in today world.Some of this events happens when we neglect human behaviors and standards.Like it would be funny if a politician is found unfaithful and having sex offenses with a young lady.He would be trolled everywhere not remembering how unfaithfulness in marriages is a day to day experience.

Its not news when people visit hotels and get hospitalized because of bad food of feeding in rotten food.But its news when them prominent do the same.They consume improper diet leading to complications and digestion disorders and in a wink of an eye its all over that the prominent are hospitalized over food poisoning?

Its news when he dies over drunkenness and just found in the bar seat.While the rest each and every night and day they die no one even wanting to know what happened to them.Why would that even consider them first because that are their citizens. Don”t their lives matter most as theirs too?They are kind of selfish right?



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