An announcement of a lost human being in Kenya will bring chills down peoples spine as the mind will always click the button of she or he will be found dead.People preparing funerals instead of welcoming parties for their lost relatives has been the order of the life currently.Locked in wails and worry, faces full of tears and whispering lips that cant utter a word has been the outward look of the relatives.Bleeding hearts and unresting souls being the inward look of them. Minds rotating on each angle to hear of the whereabouts of the lost person.

Its been a a forty night since we found ourselves in such a situation as Kenyans. Major killings.Some having no starts points as they are not explainable.Ladies or rather women have been the eyed people of this killings. Abduction being followed by death or just being killed either from the people whom they had a relationship with. At large we can view the main reasons for abduction of both genders.

BLINDING OBSESSIONS- This being domination of ones  thoughts of feelings by a persistent idea image or desire. It  can be classified as addiction too. This covers a lot in one In short most murders and abduction happens because of this blind obsessions.Love,lust,drugs,intoxicants and need of an expensive lifestyle.

POLITICS-Some people are sponsored by politicians to arrange a certain abduction which commonly is followed by killing.They do this so that their oppositions or the affected politician may make concessions or change their leadership issues.The politician may die letting the leader who planned for his death to take over. Also in politics a certain leader may be killed just to hide a certain information  that could have been used against him in court.

GREED- We live in a make it life. Some are never satisfied with what they have and end up in need of owning everything in this word which is impossible.When people are not content with what they have they end up doing some crimes. A wicked leader or business man may abduct his rival relative or the rival himself to take some money  from himself.

JEALOUSY – It has been there even in the Bible. There should even be a proverb of  jealousy kills. The latest murder stories have been revolving around this. They don’t want to compete with anyone hence committing murder on their rivals.

REVENGE- Some even swear that there is no way you going to get with that.Forgiveness has been misplaced by deaths.People revenging over petty issues with abductions and deaths.Some of the cases  of deaths within people who are not related is brought about by revenge. Its as if when people revenge through  murder they feel like they are back to the positions they were before.



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