Often people lack insights to their actual talents.Its always said that if you slumber on your talent or ability the supreme being will take it from you. Survey done by some scholars shows that a big percentage of people do kick the bucket without having known their talents. I mean even now most people are alive and don’t have an innuendo of their talents.Talents do pay as you all know. Its been seen on media people living lavish  because of making use of their talents. This mostly comes in hand if the talent is discovered early and nurtured.There are major key barriers that impede  discovery and nurture  of a talent.

  • LOW SELF-AWARENESS Having a coat on your talent will always impede it from growing. Coated or hidden  talent will have no exposure to support, effort neither  performance. Its not easy  to gain that level high of self-awareness during the crucial stages i mean the young age bracket. This low self awareness makes talent development cycle low because of the fear of negative feedback from people forgetting that growth comes from the negativity modified.
  • WEEK MOTIVATION– For motivation there is need for  performance. For performance there is need for effort. This brings an equation which is  PERFORMANCE+EFFORT+MOTIVATION=TALENT GROWTH.When you feel motivated to learn a skill, the process becomes both more effective and more enjoyable.The same happens when you learn more on your talent it becomes more enjoyable and effective.Real motivation is the key ingredient to talent  growth. If no motivation on talents then talents are likely to be unseen from people with them.
  • FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN- People are torn in between reality that has not been seen.Fear of not getting to where you feel like you want your talent  to take you has been a major thing in talent growth.People are afraid of loosing battles that they have not fought.Battling with loss over a battle not fought. You need to be in the ring to see whether to give up or not.This case also applies in talent growth don’t be afraid that you might head no where. Positive vibe should be the order of your lifetime.the harsh tag of no fear should trend always

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